Hosted By:
 Brian Wile, PhD, Global Head, Scientific Affairs, Eurofins Central Laboratory
Original Air Date:  June 24, 2021

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the most prevalent chronic liver diseases globally. The complex pathophysiology of the disease and invasive diagnostic requirements lead to difficulties in defining the correct patient population and monitoring the progress of the disease. This webinar aims to give an overview of NASH and NAFLD pathophysiology, with particular focus on current drug development efforts and biomarkers that can provide additional insight into patient status while reducing the burden of invasive diagnostic methods on patient care.

Webinar Highlights:
  • NAFLD and NASH pathophsyiology review
  • Review of current treatment options and major drug development efforts
  • Highlight of key requirements for biomarker testing at different stages of a clinical protocol
  • Review of emerging technology areas and possible future trends at Eurofins
  • 45-Minute session includes Q&A at end of presentation

Who Is This Webinar For?
  • Scientists and management involved in pharmaceutical bioanalysis, biomarkers and translational biology associated with NASH/NAFLD
  • Pre-clinical and clinical scientific project leads
  • Those wishing to gain a better understanding of the applications and considerations of biomarkers in their NASH/NAFLD drug programs

Brian Headshot2More About Our Speaker:

Brian Wile is the Global Head of Scientific Affairs at Eurofins Central Laboratory. He has over 6 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical CRO industry, across a wide range of areas, including roles in cell-based assay execution, technical services and scientific affairs. During this time he has developed an interest and expertise around immune function assessment and biomarker analysis. His current role in the Central Laboratory includes the planning of biomarker assay development and analysis in support of hepatic drug development.

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